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Screenings of Ocean Monk are being planned worldwide.

Ocean Monk is playing on Friday 7 October 7.30pm in Dublin's Lotus Yoga
studio on 15 Wicklow St as part of the annual 'Extreme Peace' festival
of meditation and well-being. Afterwards, for those interested in
staying on, background interviews will be screened with some of the
people featured in the documentary, such as Guinness world record
holder Ashrita Furman and spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy. Admission is
free of charge!! For more information on the Extreme Peace festival,
click here.

Upcoming screenings include

The Ventura Film Festival

Honolulu Surf Film Festival

SF Frozen Film Festival

Past festivals have included

The New York Surf Film Festival

The Big Apple Film Festival

St. Louis International Film Festival (award winner)

Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Fargo Film Festival

Byron Bay Film Festival

Sedona Film Festival

San Luis Obispo Film Festival

Santa Cruz Film Festival

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

Lighthouse Film Festival