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The Film

Ocean Monk chronicles the inner and outer search of a group of monks who make their home in New York City. Students of the late Indian teacher, Sri Chinmoy who lived in Queens for over 40 years, this band of friends discovered the beauty and power of the nearby surfing beaches and incorporated their love for the ocean into their search for enlightenment.

Ocean Monk explores the ideals which drive their life as well as the pounding winter surf which sustains them. The film includes appearances by Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Titus Kinimaka and Sri Chinmoy.

Music featured in the film is by Sigur Ros, Wixel, Parichayaka Hammerl and Mark Swiderski.

Ocean Monk opened the 2010 New York Surf Film Festival, the largest of its kind. It will be screened at the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City as well as theĀ St. Louis International Film Festival both in November.