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On Demand Weekly Review

On Demand Weekly

ODW writes about programming On Demand, but every once in a while we’ll use this space to bring awareness to a worthy film not on VOD (yet). Directed by Sanjay Rawal, OCEAN MONK is a short film set to play at the NY Surf Film Festival at the following times and locations:

Check www.oceanmonk.com to learn about future screenings.

OCEAN MONK follows a group a monks – all students of Sri Chinmoy, all a variety of ages – who find deep meditation and spirituality while surfing. This group of monks, who make their home in Queens, New York, use the beauty and power of nature… and the nearby beaches on Long Island … in the search for enlightenment.


This is a surprising and delightful short that isn’t so out of the ordinary as it first may seem. These monks are athletic – some of them top surfing athletes, who brave the waves, no matter what ocean, but here primarily the Atlantic, and who brave the temperatures. And it’s no surprise that at specific times of year, the Atlantic is very cold.

Directed by Sanjay Rawal, a former humanitarian aid consultant and produced by Mridanga Spencer, his will thrill surf enthusiasts and those interested in meditation and any kind of spirituality.

But in the end, you won’t be so surprised at how the two work so well together… maybe just that Sri Chinmoy was such a super surfer-dude himself. Beautifully shot – the waves are magnificent…the sound design and underscoring are by Parichayaka Hammerl .

This exquisite 20-minute documentary has been chosen to open the New York Surf Festival September 24th.
- Cynthia Kane

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