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Director’s comment on review from Simply Showbiz

I loved the review from Simply-Showbiz.com! The author, Mark Dundas Wood, makes some great observations and I am very grateful he took the time to review the film.

He makes an interesting point about the lack of women faces in the film, which he is totally justified in making. To be completely honest, while I have women friends who surf, I don’t have any that surf in the winter. And frankly there are far too few women who surf in New York in general, at least in comparison to California or Australia. Maybe¬† men in the water in NYC aren’t welcoming enough? Maybe we aren’t as encouraging to women in the water as our California brethren? I really don’t know. It is a point I should have made in the film, however.

There are far too few women surfers in NYC and we should do everything to encourage more to join the ranks!

Kudos to Mark for making such a prescient point!

-Sanjay Rawal

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