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Ocean Monk won an Official Best of Fest Award. The awards are presented to 5% of the independent films considered this year. All Official Best of Fest Award winners qualified by winning an award at a major film festival. OBFA is a great distributor of hard to find films. Check them out! You’ll be sure [...]

Ocean Monk will be screened at the Sedona Film Festival at the end of February, at Byron Bay in March and San Luis Obispo mid-March!

Thank you to all who voted! Ocean Monk won an award at the prestigious St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF). A collaboration with IndieFlix, the Festivals Online competition enabled film fans worldwide to view a selection of SLIFF shorts. With an overwhelming response from people in over 50 nations, Ocean Monk took home the honors [...]

Help! Votes needed! OCEAN MONK is being screened online as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival. Usually judges determine the awards, but in this case -YOU WILL. If you want to watch a very mellow 20 minute surf movie about winter surfing in New York City, go to IndieFlix.

On Demand Weekly ODW writes about programming On Demand, but every once in a while we’ll use this space to bring awareness to a worthy film not on VOD (yet). Directed by Sanjay Rawal, OCEAN MONK is a short film set to play at the NY Surf Film Festival at the following times and locations: Friday, [...]

Director Sanjay Rawal was on NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough in NYC on Wednesday the 22nd of September. Watch here! NBC Nightly News

Ocean Monk review Shockya.com

The Schedule is up! Ocean Monk is the first film of the entire festival! Tickets go on sale on September 8th. Ticket info will be posted shortly.

Beach Blanket Babylon Goes Nirvana Aug 30th Posted by Mark Dundas Wood in Documentaries The new documentary short Ocean Monk, from director Sanjay Rawal, examines the connection between surfing and Eastern meditation. It follows Rawal and a group of fellow monks—disciples of the late spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy—who live in Queens, NY and incorporate surfing [...]

I loved the review from Simply-Showbiz.com! The author, Mark Dundas Wood, makes some great observations and I am very grateful he took the time to review the film. He makes an interesting point about the lack of women faces in the film, which he is totally justified in making. To be completely honest, while I [...]